A few words of poetry in admiration of our beautiful and generous world.

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels

My love, how quietly comes your call;
summoned out, I yearn to come…
How soft your voice, and yet I come,
receptive as a soul to hope:
your every breath arouses hope —
so sounds your soft quiet call.

My land, how lovely comes your scent
if I but meet you when you stir —
How sweet, so often as you stir,
if roused, I hear you as you speak.
In lull and rise you always speak…
so falls your sweet and lovely scent!

My own, how beautiful your sight:
soulful light of cloud and shade…
How gentle hints of colored shade so summon me to come to see,
to breathe of you, breathe all I see,
so beautiful your gentle sight!

Poet; writer of imaginative fiction; lover of works of ancient wisdom and myth, explores the intersection of wisdom, poetry and imagination. Follow @CaelanRowan

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