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Photo by Ray Bilcliff on Pexels

The grasses swayed of her sweet whispers,
singing silent songs in dance,
bathed in aromatic breath,
til soaked in scents of sun and soil:

She stood, she met them
soul caressed,
immersed with them in sighs of light and color.

The boughs, bending in wooing winds,
slowly swinging cradling limbs,
breathing, in a breezy bath,
were waving leaves in windy waters:

She leaned, she let her
body rest
in rhythmic arms as restful as a mother’s.

The sensuous world so spoke in oceans,
flying seas and colory floods,
bore up her own in tide and tow,
drew hearts away, a-sway in surge and lull:

She slept, she gave her
heart’s consent
to she whose charms were soothing as a lover’s.

Poet; writer of imaginative fiction; lover of works of ancient wisdom and myth, explores the intersection of wisdom, poetry and imagination. Follow @CaelanRowan

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